Will my macro obsession ever end?

Macro shot of final drop of espresso

The last drop.

Despite taking hundreds upon hundreds of macro pictures of espresso pours there is something that still pulls me back to it. This evening I spent some time trying to understand flash a little better to try and I really like this photo. I don’t really know what I am trying to capture, or if I am trying to see something in this using the photographs (seeing the different bubbles in the pour is quite cool!)

Perhaps I just enjoy the challenge of trying to find the novel in something that is quite aesthetically pleasing but has also been done to death. I don’t know, but I do love it!

6 Comments Will my macro obsession ever end?

  1. mentness/stuartlee

    Just been playing with my macro today too. I have decided to try and learn more as my happy go lucky style of photography is becomming more and more unattractive. I went into Jessops yesterday and nearly bought a Canon SLR before the guy at the counter talked his way out of a sale. He gave me too many tips so I have decided to just use the camera I have better for the time being. Might put some of todays shots on my flickr account. I agree there is nothing I can think of better than catching a pour gluping out of the spout like honey.

  2. Jeroen

    Hello James,

    as you know we share the same passion for coffee and photography.
    And I’ve discovered why a lot baristi have passion for both coffee and photography.
    with both you are able to create a godshot.
    And with this macro you show you manage both the photography and the coffee techniques.

    What a go(o)d shot!!!

    take care,


  3. Gary Mc Gann


    The pour shot has been done to death – macro and otherwise – but done badly most of the time. I recall a comment from Annette some time ago on the use of photoshop to alter poor coffee shots for companies who cant be bothered (or dont know better) how to photograph decent shots. Just look at most coffee magazines and you can see poor pours!

    Here’s a question for you and your contributors – can you tell (roughly) the extraction time from a still image of a pour? I find myself guessing quiet often – see a poor pour and immediately think 12 seconds or thereabouts!


  4. Darren

    Hmmmmm, macro photography and coffee? Strange bedfellows indeed. Perhaps it’s about obsessing over attention to detail. I’ve been in New York for a week checking out the cafes – Joe’s, 9th St, Grumpy etc (Grumpy getting my vote for the best tasting shot). The other must-do was get a decent macro lens for my work! I thought I’d take advantage of the rates. Came back to the UK to see this little thread running. Strange.


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