9 Comments Finally the satire we deserve!

  1. michael

    I remember joking with friends about virtual WBC on the Wii. You could pour latte art and tamp with the wiimote. Play as a current competitor, a previous champion, a coffee legend, or make your own character.

  2. Ben Kaminsky

    I’ve been thinking about doing a comic panel on barismo for quite some time now, but it’s never really materialized. I have a few panels worth of material but am missing the artistic prowess to back it up. I need a Crumb to my Pekar.

  3. BazBean

    funny but also encouraging to think the subject crossing boundary’s into daily life! ….. who would have thought.

  4. nik

    fab idea.., maybe we will see in near future games such as James Hoffmann 4 ( linked to the ‘Colin McRea’ play station)

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