Off to Colombia tomorrow

Really looking forward to it. Will try and post from there – depending on connection of course. Memory cards emptied, camera batteries charged and a few barista bits and pieces packed.

Hopefully gonna get to a few farms, and I think it is harvest time so lots of delicious cherries for me. (I hope anyway!)

Sorry if I am a little slow on the contact forms/consultancy requests for the next week and a bit.

8 Comments Off to Colombia tomorrow

  1. James Hoffmann

    I have been before – El Salvador in 06.
    Going with Anette and Jose Arreola to do some work with their baristas and for their national barista competition. I don’t know the finer details yet, but I think we are heading up to Armenia for a couple of days too to check out some farms and mills. The camera is going to get quite the workout. Macro-tastic coffee harvesting coming up! (Glad you liked the cards btw)

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  3. Kiril

    sounds awesome james .. hope you have fun :) and talking about snow … it is snowing here in stockholm, i wouldnt mind escaping that soon :)

  4. rob berghmans

    Colombia. Nice. Bueno.
    Can you find out where this specific acidic taste comes from….?
    Looking forward to the photo’s. Ordered a new camera myself for keeping up with you macrowise.
    Hopefully you pick up the Spanish….

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