UKBC Coverage this year

Last year I did my best to give up to date coverage of the UK Barista Competition, competitors and their signature drinks because I was travelling to each one building stages and helping run the show.

This year I am afraid I can’t offer the same coverage.

One reason is that I am now involved in judging and I don’t think it is fair to comment, even on competitions I am not judging. Also I am not going to get to all the heats this year sadly – a shame as I really enjoyed it last year.

Hopefully various other people will step up to the plate and blog away.

For the South West you have Tristan’s Blog
For the Midlands you have Steve Leighton’s Blog

I will try and post up links as and when they come in. If you are blogging do please drop me a line or leave a link somewhere!

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  1. Stephen Leighton

    Politics Politics, got to love it :) I’ll be at the Northern Heats for sure and I’ll do some bloging on the finals if I can make it. So scotland and Northern Ireland any takers :)

  2. mentess/stuartlee

    I will be taking part in the Scotland heats so I will post a completely un-biased account on my blog! haha

    I’m also planning to attend the N.Ireland heat and the North so I’ll Blog and snap away there too. Maybe with a new Camera if Santa is good too me!

    It would be good to meet up with Steve at North heat if possible.

  3. Lance

    The links to the blogs are really helpful,keep them coming James.

    It is all quiet until Jan 08.
    I am entering the Bristol heat which it seems the whole world will be at. With the London one cancelled, the midlands one coming too soon and the Northern one too far to travel the Bristol one has a lot riding on it.
    2 cornish chaps threw down the gaultlet with high scores at hewest counrty heat. Ed Buston and Daniella both produced very credible performances from what I saw. The venue was superb, it was a shame more people did not enter this heat.
    Northern Ireland sounds like it is oozing a hotbed of Barista talent with the UKBC dedicating 2 days to it.
    It is my first time so I am just hitching a ride on the fun of it all. I think the general standard is rising rapidly, what say you all?

  4. James Hoffmann

    It isn’t really politics – I just don’t think judges should be commenting on competitors publicly, and a fair few competitors read this site. If I weren’t judging I’d be right up at the front with a camera and a notepad. I will still take pictures and post them – I just won’t write any thoughts on people’s performances.

    Bristol is certainly going to be an interesting heat and I hope I get a chance to come down and watch! Sadly I don’t think I’ll make the Scottish heat, but Stuart has got that one covered now!

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