A trip to Probat

I haven’t managed to get around to sorting through the photos I took whilst there with Klaus, Casper and Anette. It was one of the WBC prizes – a trip to Probat to learn more about roasting.

I will post more once I’ve sorted the photos – the museum alone is worth the trip to Emmerich. I had my video camera with me and took a few things. It is my first effort with iMovie, and probably doesn’t make much sense – it is just a bit of fun really. I’ve uploaded a version to YouTube if you want a quicker loading version (I don’t like the encoding youtube does much though)

[flv:/video/probat.flv 320 240]

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  2. Wilson Hines

    Probat! I just love to watch my local favorite roaster run his 12kilo Probat. It all just seams so dang “old School”, so to speak. When that thing is running I feel like I am stepping back in time. He does a fabulous job, but like me, he enjoys roasting the Ethiopian and Kenyans the most. If your in the Raleigh/Durham area it is surely a great, must see visit.

  3. Grendel


    Thanks very much for sharing that video – its hard to imagine if I’d ever get the chance to visit the Probat museum for myself so seeing just a little brief moment is a real treat.

    I love the small batteries of sample roasters – that is what I’ve always wanted for my own setup.

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  5. James Hoffmann

    No need – we have a five barrel vintage Gothot coming later this month. Looks just like this one:

    Vintage Gothot

    Vintage Gothot

    It is in good working condition – just needs a little bit of love!

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