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  1. David Pier

    I had no knowledge of this previous career… Very interesting. I suppose the fact that your kingseven website is defunct suggests you are wholly committed to this coffee thing?

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  3. Tomasz Nguyen

    Make sure you post it on your blog, I will queue up for it for sure :) Actually that was how I found about your blog – your music

  4. Ben Brabner

    do you have any copies of the king seven Ep left on vinyl? I love the ep and have only been able to get hold of mp3 copies. I would love to be able to spin the tunes from the ep. I will happily pay good money for a copy.
    any help would be greatly appreicated, I have tried to hunt down a copy for ages and had no luck.

  5. Steve

    Is this all you recorded as King Seven? Always loved that record and the DoF stuff was always very similar. Would be interested to know. Steve@scissorkickc:disqus .com

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