King Seven mp3s

Just a few mp3s, nothing very recent – in fact some stuff going right back to 2003. I will archive stuff here and update it from time to time until (if perhaps if) I find a new web home for King Seven.

Song for my friends (Inner Ear Dub)

Quite an old one, was up for download on ages so I’ve left it up on here. ( downloads)

First Leaf Falls

Recorded back when I lived in Brixton in the summer when it was too hot not to have the windows open, so I gave up and recorded the cars going past the window. ( downloads)

The Science of Autumn

Another really old track, featuring a “borrowed” mandolin and probably should have been developed a bit more but I still like it. ( downloads)

Fir Cones

I was always tempted to rerecord this after getting a proper mic, but never got round to it. What I was using at the time was about one step above pluging earphones into the mic jack and using them. ( downloads)

I Swam

A bit depressing, but at the time a few labels were very interested if I could produce more stuff like this. ( downloads)


Thrown in for good measure, I like this though don’t really know why….. ( downloads)

Enjoy (I hope!) and leave a comment if you fancy.

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  1. Tomasz Nguyen

    I am big fan of your King Seven stuff, will download all these tracks for sure :) Thanks a lot mate

  2. Lindy

    Man, I just love these tunes. Conveys peace, but also moving forward dynamics – love how you arranged them. Wish there’s be more timetravel like this.

    chapeau, dude – I’ll check on this spot once in a while …

  3. Nuno

    awesome. thank you so much. found out about ya through king lines. I hope you get back into making music. I love what Ive heard.

  4. obee

    Downloads broken? :(

    Please re-release the Hidden EP again in digital?  Take my money for awesome music, please?! :D

  5. Laurens

    The links are dead, it would be hugely appreciated if you could fix them. I also wholly concur on re-releasing the Hidden EP I would gladly pay for it as well! 

    Or even better, make more tunes! Hidden EP is one of my favorite EPs ever. 

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