Stephen Morrissey – Irish Barista Champion 2008!

Massive congratulations to Stephen on winning the Irish Barista Championship (as well as winning the latte art and the cupping, the talented swine!)

Both Anette and I were gutted we couldn’t be in Dublin to support Stephen, and to watch him win. I know from Tokyo that Jen (Stephen’s better half) is great at supporting someone competing and Tim Styles no doubt did a great job of helping do all the things that make competing a little bit easier and a tiny bit less stressful.

I am looking forward to finding out more about how Stephen did and reading his write up of the event. In the meatime I hope he got very, very drunk after the event as I believe is fitting.

Thanks also to the Coffee Collective for roasting awesome coffee, and as they have set the bar very high when it comes to working on a coffee for Stephen to use in Copenhagen once we start roasting.

Stephen is a great barista, and a great ambassador for coffee in Ireland and in general. I can’t wait to watch and support him in Copenhagen!

Congratulations again.

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  3. Klaus

    Thanks to you guys (James and Anette) for putting Stephen on to our coffee. We’re proud to have such a talented man use our coffee. And we know you’ll make an awesome Square Mile espresso for Stephen in time for Copenhagen. Oh, and I think Stephen is probably still out celebrating ;-)

  4. Grendel

    Please cancel the man’s passport immediately lest he do the rest of the world out of the chance to compete!

    What an amazing trifecta – well done.

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