Being a bit behind on posts

It has been noted that I have yet to blog about Greenville, or Atlanta or even Poland or Croatia (where I am now).

As you can see from the above being busy may be some of the excuse. There have been other things happening in the roastery which have also taken up my time and on top of that I have been rather unwell (it seems the whole UK has been knocked on its back by something going round). I am very glad no one is filming here in Croatia, as I barely managed to string two sentences together without a coughing fit during my talk on milk. We judge the finals here later today along with Willy Hansen and some local judges. It is only a three man final but I really look forward to it. Many of you know Nik Orosi and he is one of those three.

So, in answer to the conjecture happening in the comments at CI – I had an amazing time in South Carolina and will write it up properly! Hopefully next week I will be recovered and have some time for a little blog marathon. In the mean time…. apologies. (Though I do now feel vindicated in keeping the spoon!)

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