Greenville – will this blog drink the home spro?

with the blog-girlfriend distracted, it was Cindy and I that ventured into the lair of the chemically imbalanced. this would not be commercial espresso, but drinks from Szobody’s home setup. how would this blog fair?

it turns out this blog did not do well! shots were pulled, faces were pulled and there was a hint of tension and embarrassment in the air as I chased the grind around. rarely does it evade me like this. that day it did.

nonetheless we drank the booch (and will consider making some of our own), we met the bioluminescent cypriot and the quiet, studious solis jake. we were utterly charmed by the chemically imbalanced blog wife and blog children.

stirring espresso was cogitated and later mocked. i stole a spoon (out of revenge or cleptomania – I have yet to decide). it was an excellent day.

Chris and M’lissa arrived and it was a perfect moment to stop battling the espresso machine and to sit down and talk. apparently it was also time to talk on camera, inaudibly, competing against the sound of a nearby lawnmower. notably missing from the video is the interviewer’s question about the “ugliest barista” and also missing was his somewhat scandalous suggested answer. (this blog will never reveal that information now though) it did make me chuckle to think i had been interviewed (not very seriously) by a man who had interviewed, quite recently Barack Obama.

The mysterious and elusive bz

the mysterious and elusive mr chemically imbalanced

the call of work put CI’s day of coffee to an end, but the rest of us were free to head into greenville, and to coffee and crema. unfortunately Shannon, the owner, had to be out of town that day but the espresso we had there was still good. this shop is a well documented combination of great coffee and extremely surprising location (inside a mall, at the entrance to a department store.) it was nice to chat and take some photos, and the barista working was very welcoming, kind and accomodating of our weird demands.

greenville was but a short stop so that night we continued on down into Georgia for the final stop on our trip: atlanta.

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  1. Rich

    I give it a 4.5. The stylistic nuances were there as were there along with the self-as-3rd party POV but you could’ve been a bit more florid and added more obscure references ;-)

    Well done sir.

  2. Grendel



    Not sure I could manage to pull that off. It was nicely done though. I’m not sure I’ll subject myself to the experience.

  3. bz

    well, NOW there’s a “hint of tension and embarrassment in the air.” but the blogwife, she is laughing heartily.

    you might as well come right out and say it — my burrs were bad. it’s the humiliating truth, and exhibit A in the shortcomings of home junkie-ism. little did i know how unnecessary my own grinder travails have been! i have since replaced them, and think you may as well blame me for your troubles, your crabby mood that day AND the crappy video. i can take it.

    meanwhile, maybe i’ll dust off the irreverent portion of our interview. if it’s audible.

    funny, funny post.

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  5. Andréa Bandeira

    Estamos inaugurando nossa cafeteria em poucos dias e lemos uma reportagem sua,na revista,Espresso,publicada aqui no Brasil,queremos cumprimentá-lo pelo sucesso e desejar muita sensibilidade e amor pelo café sempre!!!
    Porque tudo na vida pra ser perfeito, precisa exitir prazer!

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