It Lives!

It lives! The laptop is finally alive again. The bad news is that on its way out not just e-mails were going bad, but also backups. I have lost just about everything including all my music, movies and every photo that I didn’t put up on flickr. From Tokyo to Colombia, from coffee stuff to personal stuff – all gone.
Quite depressed but perhaps it is one stop away from being a materialist, or something like that….

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  1. Anthony Silverbrow

    I’m gutted for you, it’s a real pain in the arse. I realise the horse has bolted and all, but I’d suggest to all and sundry to have two backups. One great piece of advice I read was buying them a few months apart. That way, there’s a bit less chance they’ll both die at the same point.

    It would be helpful if the likes of Amazon S3 could be used for the amateur’s storage.

  2. Ben Helfen

    Sorry to hear about that, dude. I had the exact same thing happen to me a couple months ago. It stings really bad.

    Since everyone is making suggestions, i’ll add one: It’s an internet back up, and only $5 a month. It was recommended highly to me by one of the Octane regulars.

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