The best feeling in the world

Everyone tells you how hard it is to start your own business, and you only really get what they mean once you are neck deep in it all. But this isn’t a complaining post – quite the opposite.

Gradually, over the last few weeks and months, I have realised that I am really, truly learning again. It is a great feeling. Competition used to be my way of stepping back and being forced to reassess what I did and why, and my year as champion had amazing bursts of learning such as origin trips.

Back at work again it has been a pleasure to start to develop my palate all over again and start to work out what I am tasting when I pulling shots. I’ve never really able to taste as clearly what a particular coffee is doing in a blend, or to understand exactly what a coffee brings to a blend when pulled with all the variation that humans (especially me!) bring to brewing. All of this is a great reminder that I have such a long way to go, and I love this part of the process.

I also realised today that my Chemex brewing technique has been slipping and I am not getting things right – time for a grind reassessment, as well as a technique check. I am losing the top notes and I want them back!

In other news I have no idea how coffee suppliers stay trim, as I am already starting to worry about my inability to refuse delicious treats when dropping in. Looks like I will have to take up some serious form of exercise!

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  1. The Onocoffee

    While I’m no pillar of trim figures, you’ll soon reach the point where you’re immune to your own wares. Especially when you start to realize that you could have made a profit on that cupcake by selling it, instead of just an expense by eating it.

    Do like all good drug dealers do – and don’t consume your own product!

  2. Bea

    Well normally for my suppliers, like my fruit and veg and chocolate suppliers, I offer them some of your coffee when then come in—but that seems silly so I just like to fill you up on red velvet cupcakes. :)

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