Steve Jobs hates me

I do love my mac stuff, it makes me happy. Except my macbook. It clearly hates me. First the harddrive corrupts, I fix it then it dies a week later, and then last week my battery has gone mental and won’t discharge power. I feel it is mocking me. I will go back to posting real posts soon. Honest!

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  1. fredsox

    Macs rock – I have been a Mac fan for years…

    However, I have been very surprised lately by my MacBook. I have never had any problems with my Macs over the years (except those which *I* caused!!) but my black MacBook (which had been running perfectly) died a while back (presenting me with a Flashing Question Mark). They replaced the Hard Drive – but that did not fix the problem. It was sent back again, they replaced the Hard Drive and still (every now and then) I am presented with the Flashing Question Mark. Aaagghh!!! I am STILL a Mac fan – but just a little frustrated-Mac-fan!

    Jimseven – I understand! Hang in there – Macs are still where it is at!!!! ;-)

  2. Colin

    I hope your mac’s still under the applecare warranty. Would totally suck if all these repairs are coming out of your own pocket.

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