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  2. jaap

    Hi James,

    Really great to have an onlineshop!
    How much are the shippingcosts to The Netherlands Europe?

    btw: i have some problems mailing you cause the verification-code is invisible (!?)

    thank you in advance,

  3. Anthony Rue

    I wonder what would the expedited shipping cost of 2 kilograms of the WBC espresso to Florida would be… I’m sure it would be a nice addition to our espresso fest next month…

  4. Sam Palfreyman

    Just got a lovely little black package of WBC Espresso blend through this morning…. fantastic service, can’t wait to get home and try it now!

    Something that would be amazing as a home enthusiast would be a “subscription” program… like a magazine subscription, so you can sign up to get x number of bags charged and sent to you every month :-)

  5. James Hoffmann

    Anthony – shoot me an e-mail at james at squarmilecoffee dot com and we’ll see what we can work out.

    Sam – really hope you enjoy the coffee. We hope to have a monthly coffee program available soon.

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