End of the week thoughts

Just a quick post today I am afraid.  As you may have noticed I have (once again) changed the look of the blog.  I went to the magazine style before because of how people/readers were using the blog.  Now I feel that with my rarified posting, and less of an article style post more likely that a simplified traditional blog should do the trick.  I know I need to resize all the images and I will get to that at some point this week.

In other thoughts – how good does a freshly opened vacpack of coffee smell!?  Does anyone else get this lovely chocolate note to the greens too?  We don’t have that much in the roastery in vac packs, and the stuff that is is frankly awesome, but I wonder if this is common.

Anette bought me a couple of books to read today, and though they aren’t directly on topic they do sync with some other reading I’ve been doing on closed loop recycling versus traditional recycling/downcycling.  If anyone has any suggested reading on all this I’d love to know.  Not having a tv at home means I have just a little bit more time for books these days.  Plus no internet at home prevents the bad habit of just slouching around online in my spare time.

Right now the room smells of the coffees Anette is roasting to develop the winter espresso and I have to decide whether or not to continue to the tag cloud style bag label.  I wish I had had a bit more feedback from people though I think I am quite aware of its successes and failures.

And finally – I’ve been thinking about modding grinders again.  Out of curiousity – what is on everyone’s wish list for the perfect grinder?  Feedback in the comments is much appreciated!

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  1. Hugo


    Grinders…. I want one that holds the beans in an oxygen free, light free atmosphere. I want it to grind the beans fast but cool without the variation I don’t enjoy between busy & quiet periods. I want a dose that can be set at a weight not a grind-time, allowing me to adjust the grind without having to compensate with the dose & vice versa. I want NO STATIC. EVER. I want it to drop my chosen weight of coffee gently, evenly and vertically into the basket. I want a little light on the matter, I want to see it happen clearly, rather than have to bend & squint. I don’t want a comedy gram or two left to gently go stale between the burrs and my portafilter. I want it to purr cutely, not scream. I want it to look like it was designed by someone from this century, and preferably Sweden, with a sense of proportion & style… I want it far smaller. I want to be able to adjust it using a digital interface designed by apple. I want it to cost something sensible… £900 for a small, inefficient electric motor hitched to a burr with a hopper on top all wrapped in a flimsy plastic & metal is absurd. My car cost less than ten times that, the engineering difference is astronomical.

    Mclaren or Porsche could make that happen in an afternoon…

    I’ll mail you my thoughts on the tag cloud thing…

  2. Anne

    Hi James,

    Not going to say anything about vacpacks or grinders… but the site looks nice! Your posts are always appreciated.


  3. Tristan

    I echo Hugo on the grinder thing, don’t think there’s much more to add. Maybe hot-swappable burrs for brewed/espresso grinding?!

    As far as the tag cloud thing goes, I would make all of the words horizontal and increase the size of the big ones, decrease the size of the little ones. As I said before, that way you’ll get a good chunk of info at a glance, then a lot more if you look closely.

  4. dsc

    Glad to hear your back and posting James:)

    The grinder subject is an interesting one and something I did work on for a while during my Mazzer Major mod extravaganza.

    Ditto what Hugo said, the current grinders are insanely expensive and still have flaws. There’s coffee stuck inside of them, they get hot when used a lot, they clump and have static problems. It’s not so easy to change the grinder settings and they are freakishly huge.

    Now the solution to our problems seems to be a weight dosing mechanism, a deioniser to get rid of static and some sort of digital setting mechanism. I’m pretty sure it is possible to produce such a machine, but I’m afraid that it would be even more expensive than the current models and more complicated, thus easier to break.


  5. Scott Callender


    I love the cloud idea. I think it is great to get people thinking in that direction. I might give the name of the espresso or when it is SO, the farm, a little more prominence. I showed a few people, and whatever word popped out at them was what they thought it was called.

    BTW I love the espresso and the cascara. Very unique acidity in the fall espresso.


  6. jonathan

    Grinders…a much smaller grinder mod that would make me happy (for now) is to eliminate leaver pulling on Anfim. If the leaver pulling was linked to the timer…? I know this is far from the elegant dream grinder above but not pulling that lever all day would make me happy. :-)

  7. Mike

    Robur burrs and motor w/ a mini weigh-and-fill technology. Maybe there would be some sort of slowly stirring arm inside of the weigh-and-fill to remove any clumps. And a chute that distributed evenly, damnit! I like aspects of Robur, Vario, and what I’ve heard about the anfim – I wish one of these companies would put it all together. Maybe I just need to start a grinder company…

    On another note – anyone agree that a Swift that had dose and grind adjustable parameters would rock? At least for the convenience aspect?

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