Thank you

I just want to write a very short thank you to everyone who has contributed recently.

I genuinely did think about packing the blog in, but decided to keep writing, and I am very glad I did.

I’ve enjoyed writing more recently, and that probably shows, but what has been truly great is that often 500 words will generate 5,000 words of discussion in the comments.

This blog has always been a way for me to keep learning, to have my thoughts and ideas challenged and to interact with a huge audience.  For a while it went back to just being a chronicle of what I was doing day to day, week to week and I think that is why I lost interest in it.

I hope this blog continues to be a home to debate and discussion.  To try and foster that (from a technical point of view) I will continue to implement little features like threaded comments to a neat little trick or two.  (Highlight some text and a little respond button will appear.  If you click it, it takes you down to the comments section and starts your comment off with a quote.  I hope to implement this within the comments so you can use it to reply to specific people’s comments.

Nerdy stuff aside – thanks everyone.  I’ve got loads of little thoughts and ideas to post, and I look forward to discussing all things coffee with you at great length!

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  1. Alex Redgate

    This is a brilliant blog James, cleverly written and gives a great insight to your thoughts and experiances.

  2. Irving Isler

    I only recently discovered your writing, and I wanted to thank you for doing it so well. Your previous post about a business’ focus in these turbulent times is something I think a lot of small business owners should be minding, and food for some deep re-assessment in many cases.

    All the best!

  3. The Onocoffee

    Thought-provoking and compelling discussion is something that is sadly missing in this Third Wave of coffee. Thanks for being one of the few keeping discussion alive.

  4. Colin Loh

    Ditto! Keep up the great work.

    Either there’s something wrong with your feed title, or it’s intentional, your feed title shows up as -. One good thing is it’s the 1st blog in the blog list i’m subscribed to.

  5. triptogenetica

    Jim – thank you for the blog!

    On a related note – the comments after each article get smaller and smaller as they go down the page. Since the posts are often v popular/generate lots of comments, the conversation becomes unreadable quickly! Is this a setting of mine that’s gone wrong, or is it the blog theme?

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