New Comment policy

Due to the recent rise of non-comments that are essentially comment spam I am now enforcing some level of comment moderation.  If you are a first time commenter now then your comment will need approval and I will be much stricter on the spam comments.

If your comment is not interesting or constructive it may well disappear.  I do want to encourage conversation on this blog, and as the comment count edges towards 5000 I feel that it has been accomplished, but recently I think comment spam has become a problem.

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  1. Mark

    Having to police comments means, according to one of my twitter followers, that you’re doing something right and popular. ;)

  2. David Walsh

    I reckon there is some irony in these comments somewhere.

    Somehow I have a hankering for hip-hop, web-design, cell-phone accessories, and real-estate.


  3. Ali Vegas

    Out of curiousity, what would you consider a legitimate comment? I just noticed you deleted the majority of the comments here and most seemed pretty legitimate?

  4. Fish Recipe

    That’s great to hear that you are tightening up the reigns on the commenting, and getting rid of commentators are spamming, and leaving worthless comments. I know in the past, when I ran my own personal blog, I too had to do this, but the one thing I did differently though, is that I openly expressed to my readers, what exact type of comments I would approve and what type of comments I would not. I had a link near the comment box saying “comment policy”, and you’d be surprised how much that cut down on some of the spammers who would just leave comments like “nice post” or “thank you” etc.

    I hope this helps!

    Till then,


  5. Jonathan Lister

    Comment spam is definitely something I do not enjoy taking care of! If you’re blog was dofollow, I’m sure you would’ve taken this step ages ago!

    Anyways, would you mind telling us what qualifies as a legitimate comment?

  6. Kai Lo

    I’m assuming you are doing some kind of DoFollow because you have Top Commentator plugin. That is the price people pay for DoFollow policies, but at the same time, DoFollow really encourage more people to participate in posting comments. Can’t expect everyone to have valuable things to say. If you are talking about spam like “Great post!!!”, then I understand how you feel.

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