Uber Update

A few of you seemed quite interested in the Uber Boiler when I posted about it last month.  I get the MkII version installed tomorrow (which is good news in a week of bad news – more on that later), and for those of you who want to know more there is a blog for the project:

Uber Boiler Blog

I am glad the photo on the latest post is low res because that way you can’t see how terrible my handwriting is! (Not that Stephen’s is much better, though at least he can draw a bit…)

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  1. Poul Mark

    James, I am so jealous of that UBER cool unit that you now have installed. I am so looking forward to having one installed at Transcend as soon as they become available. I am excited to see it in action at SCAA. How is it working so far?

  2. Currency Woman

    I enjoy your posts … Blogs can be a piece of art, or they can a concrete jungle. your photos are both appropriate and superb, and suggest alone … that your content follows that format. This blog post wasn’t a disappointment.

  3. Broadband

    hi James, I really want to have something like this installed, but a bit worried about relocation?It’s really beautiful. I am absolutely in love. So so so so excited, and a bit jealous that you already have one. it keep you updated on how mine goes.

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