Help with grinders for WBC

A rather hopeful post I know – but I would be grateful if anyone can help:

Is there anyone out there reading this who might be able to lend/loan/rent one (or cheekily two) timer modified Anfim grinders for Gwilym to use in ATL in a few weeks? a

I am open to bartering/bargaining/trades/whatever it takes…. b

If you are somehow able to help then please drop me an email at james at square mile coffee dot com, and we shall be forever grateful!

UPDATE: Well, this is why I love coffee so much – my jaw is on the floor.  Within an hour of posting this I got an email from Shawn at Public Coffee House in Minneapolis offering the loan of their Anfim. I can’t say how much I appreciate this and I am very grateful.  Coffee people are awesome!

  1. Damned weird 60Hz thing in the states makes the provision of 220V still no help when bringing our own grinder  (back)
  2. To a point of course, let’s keep this legal…  (back)

6 Comments Help with grinders for WBC

  1. Yara Tucek

    i posted a similar request at coffeed and WBC facebook page … but wasnt that succesful:( anyone willing to lend one Mazzer Robur, Royal, Super Jolly for the Czech champion? Beers on us all night long:)

    Sorry James to abuse your post …

  2. The Onocoffee

    Yara – Have you contacted Mahlkonig? Rolf has been more than eager to assist and lend competitors in the United States the use of the K30 grinders.

    I used one in the USBC that had an updated anti-clumping feature that really did the trick.

  3. Yara Tucek

    Jay, I am a Mahlkoenig distributor for Czech Rep and use their grinders for comps … but a friend of mine who is competing at WBC this time hates autos, thats why im trying to find him a mazzer …

    Can you share some more info on the anticlump feature .. just spend half hour on the phone with Mahlkoenig Germany and they dont know … thanks!

  4. Will Frith


    if you haven’t found a grinder yet, let me know and i can contact the folks at our Atlanta roasting facility, who will be happy to be helping a WBC competitor. willf at batdorf dot com

    we’ve got two Mazzer Normale’s there and maybe a Robur, but i’m not sure about that.

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