A brave commitment to videoblogging

I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to do more video blogging, so with this post I am forcing my own hand.  I know lots of people are already doing this so I should probably explain my motivation:

Anyone who starts their own business can probably tell you how easy it is to let it consume your life, and your time.  I wanted a project that would get me into the habit of reclaiming some time during the day/week to do something I enjoy and learn along the way.

So starting from Monday I am aiming to upload a new video every weekday.  At the least I want to upload 5 videos a week.  I am going to try and make this last for 4 weeks.  Then, in all probability, it will stop.

Don’t expect high production values, snappy editing or anything longer than 5 mintues – think more 2-3.  I will be recording as I go so feel free to comment on them and get involved, your interaction will make it a lot more fun for me.

Topics will be whatever is buzzing round my head that day, though I do have a few in mind.

Wish me luck – if I pull this off we’ll all probably be a bit surprised.

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  2. alexander ruas

    this sounds like a great idea!
    food for thought…. Everyone loves the “this is my daily grind” kind of video…. for example:
    -biking from home to work
    -pulling some shots at work while talking to some buddies
    -visiting a shop or two that serve your coffee
    -roasting with Anette
    -making coffee at home before going to work
    -visiting Gwilym at his coffee carts

    I used to listen to podcaster Adam Curry a few years ago when he would record “soundscapes”. him preparing breakfast and driving his daughter to school, getting his plane ready to fly across the english channel, riding the elevators and checking out his hotel in San Francisco….

    great fun for all!


  3. Mark

    You’ll always be little Jimmy Hoffmann to me, no matter how famous a movie star you become! :) :)

    Best of luck with it Jim, it’s a big thing!

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  5. Kevin

    Hey Jim I like the idea alot! The only suggestion I would make is, if you have time, you might want to “transcribe” the videos, only because it might be good for some people who might not be able to watch the video if they are at work or something, and can’t turn on Audio. I know you’re busy for time… but if you ever have free time to do it, I think that would be a great addition to the video posts!


  6. sparx

    Good luck! My attempt at videoblogging… well.. it ended at “attempt”.
    Some people don’t seem to have any problem speaking and recording themselves.. for some of us though, it’s the whole “public speaking” fear all over again.

    I’ll have to scroll back up and watch some of your videos that I skipped over. :-P

  7. David Pier

    Excellent! I am looking forward to the return of frequent postings. Anybody who checks the blog after a month or two will have a pleasant surprise.

  8. Bea

    ‘Anyone who starts their own business can probably tell you how easy it is to let it consume your life, and your time. ‘


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