Video 5 – The return of the absurd

So to wrap up my first successful week (which has been both harder and easier than I imagined):

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12 Month Subscription – Square Mile Coffee Roasters

12 Month Subscription – Transcend Coffee Roasters

(Update: Thanks to Poul Mark for his generous offer of coffee from Transcend!  Awesome!)

If you are up to the challenge post a link to your work in the comments – I will accept photos or video.  C’mon!  Have a go!  It’s very silly…..

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  2. Poul Mark

    Thanks James for week one. To sweeten the pot, I will add to the mix and throw in a year’s subscription from Transcend Coffee to the winner as well. Think of it as shrinking the coffee community. We will find something silly for Josh to pour with around here, and get a video uploaded today. We will even pour it into some of the delicious Summer Espresso that arrived yesterday! Thanks Anette!

  3. Cup to Cup

    Well now I feel silly for asking about what no crema would mean for latte art without even trying it. Touche. Now off to find something ridiculous to pour art with.

  4. Rob Dunne

    Hey james, enjoying your video’s all of interests so far. I’ve played with the latte art in no crema before, even produces latte art in instant coffee, so i reckon you just need two liquids, one denser than the other and different in colour obviously. Anyways look forward to ABSURD challenge, I’ll be back.

  5. Mark

    When I was staying with my Mom in Ottawa during her illness, I arranged for an Innova espresso machine and grinder to be there at her home; but there wasn’t any steaming pitchers included with the setup. My mom had seen my pours of latte art, but not in person.

    I grabbed an old soup can (Campbells, I believe lol), pinched the round top a bit, cleaned it out like crazy, and frothed milk in it, and was able to pour hearts and rosettas. I think I have some photos somewhere…

    There ya go – started a thread on CG, and others tried it too:

    Should I do it again as an entry, or does this count? Points for age of the technique?

  6. James Hoffmann

    I think you can probably pour better art now than you could then, so I vote for a redo! Points for art as well as absurdity!

    Impressive work nonetheless!

  7. Troy O'Rourke

    Damn those Ratatat toting Transcendentals, just read your blog and decided upon pouring into a coffee bag for my entry. Never mind, I will have to come up with something equally worthy of the title.
    Cheers for the chance to be a bit silly, I submitted the NZ cash register pic last time so will be fun to play around again. Incidentely, I had the opportunity to taste some Square Mile coffees recently in Europe courtesy of Hungarian barista champ Atilla, who had just come back from your neck of the wood. Fantastic coffees, just wish I could have bought some home with me.
    Cheers Troy

  8. alexander ruas

    Jon L and family + goat! fantastic film! by far my favourite! the latte art strangeness was on par with the others but the film was quirky, bizarr and sort of Dr Strangelove-like in its surrealism!

  9. Troy O'Rourke

    Well heres my first attempt, was fun to do but I think I’ll find something else that has more of an affinity with latte art. I handicapped myself too much with the small volume vessel.
    By the way, good stuff Hans its great to see some more Kiwis with plenty of spare time. ;)

    link: http://www

  10. Jesse Bladyka

    Here’s my first crack at it. Sorry for the sideways, poor video quality, I make coffee not videos you know?

    anyway, from wyoming with love-


  11. cornilius chibaya

    My Boss and I we are up to a challange we don’t know if we are going to impress the world of coffee,Anyway besides that Sir Hoffmann i thank you for inspiring me to rise from beign a college boy to be come one of the coffee fanatics thanks to your peformance at the WBC 2007 keep up the good work i’ll be watching from a distance until we meet

  12. Friso

    Hi James,

    What fun I had doing the absurd latte art, the video quality isn’t so good and please mind your neck…..
    or tilt the screen….LoL.

    Congrat’s on keeping your blog so lively for past yeras, the video post are genius!

    C u all in Londone 2010

    greetings from the Netherlands

  13. Stephen

    Finally uploaded this little clip. Had been playing with it here and there – figured everyone might enjoy this =]

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