Video 6 – A visit to Gwilym

I forgot my video camera, but thankfully I had made a little video on Sunday.  The title says it all really.

Questions for next week in the comments please!

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  1. dsc

    Hi James,

    thanks for the vid, I’ve been meaning to go there for quite a while now, but somehow it’s harder as the cart is not up on Saturday (and Sunday being my lazy all-day-pijamas day).

    Perhaps Gwil could get a Slayer?:)


  2. Dale

    slightly irrelevant – that music is amazing! could you post a link if t-shirts do become available?

  3. Chris Deferio

    Hi James, thanks for the videos…

    My question for Gwilym:
    What should be the ultimate goal of a professional barista?
    How is the “work-a-day” aspect of the barista craft related to achieving that goal?

    Congrats, Gwimym and thanks, James.

    -Chris Deferio

  4. AndreasM

    Great video James, felt just like being there again but glad you didn’t film me the week before – for those that haven’t met Gwilym, that’s exactly how he is.

    Here’s a question for Lou: Is she sick of having tourists like myself jump behind the machine?

    Say hi to Gwilym, Lou and the other James from me!


    PS I know which machine he’s getting unless it’s changed in the last 7 days…

  5. James Shepherd

    Hi James,
    well done on some very imformative short films, a question for Gwilym for next week, if he was ever in a Barista comp, would he consider to scrape the crema off his espresso for his cappuccino before he served them to judge and explane why he was doing so?

    James S

  6. Carl Fleischer

    My question to Gwilym is:

    If you fancied a change and wanted to open a cart/shop some where else in the UK Or World where would it be and why?


  7. Grant

    Question for Gwilym:

    Given Gwilym’s rockstar barista status, how does he deal with the endless entourage of lady fans and what tips does he have for budding amateurs?

  8. Mark

    whats the machine ?? We dying to know ..i’d also like to know if you have any advice for up and coming talent ? p.s another great video :)

  9. alexander ruas

    question for Gwil:

    what will be different for him compared to previous WBC winners? will he travel as much as previous WBC winners? is it different for him because he is the owner of the business and not an employee?

  10. bailu

    hi,james,i can’t watch your video,can you help me,i ‘m in china.thanks so much.good luck

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