Sprudge makes a good point

For those of you unfamiliar with The Sprudge Report – shame on you!  The site is a splendid piece of awesome put together by Zachary.  The latest headline makes a very valid point, relevant to more than just the four bloggers mentioned.  (Screenshot, because I worry the link won’t work by tomorrow!



Coffee blogs have gone very quiet lately.  Hardly anyone is writing.  Some would say that blogs have had their day.  Others would say that twitter prevents something of blog-worthiness building up by dripping out people’s thoughts and ideas.

Either way it is a shame.  Perhaps some people think that there will be an improved signal to noise ratio, perhaps I am wrong to miss a lot of the posts.  I can hardly claim to be the most productive of bloggers either (despite being regularly accused of such things.)

Regardless of all the questions – huzzah for Sprudge!  I hope he keeps it going!

4 Comments Sprudge makes a good point

  1. The Onocoffee

    The blog I miss the most is the old, wry and critically objective writings at Chemically Imbalanced.

    More critical thought on the state of our community and industry is what I would like to see more.

  2. Douglas

    I’ve just found your blog via google. I must say I have no interest in twitter ?I like detailed posts not 140 characters. I’ve added your blog to my RSS reader so keep up the good work.

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