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Sparked by Cindy’s tweet about the WBC accepting Event Hosting proposals for 2011 I thought I’d quickly post about something I’d love to see:  WBC held in a producing country.

Hopefully a few of you reading support this – it would be no more expensive for travelling to than Japan was for most of the world.  It would allow unprecedented learning opportunities for visitors and baristas, and a great opportunity for a producing country to showcase its unique capabilities to the industry.

I am very aware that lots of people wanting something like this doesn’t create a proposal out of thin air, nor does it get that proposal accepted – but as an idea, surely many agree this would be exciting and a great progression for the competition.

Would love to hear people’s thoughts on the pros and cons, and any particular country you’d like to see host it.

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  1. Cup to Cup

    I think Guatemala would be great. My recommendation is biased because I've been there and learned coffee there, but I really do think it would be a great place to hold an event. I think Antigua would be a fantastic location (though I don't know it there's a building to hold it there) and there's so many good places that are just a few hours away: Atitlan, Hue Hue, San Marcos, Coban. I'd save up my pennies to attend.

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  3. @CoffeeGeek

    I thought Australia was already set for 2011… confused. But regardless, this is actually quite cool. While hosting in a coffee producing country would be pretty cool, More cool is the fact now that, at least when it comes to the back and forth between Euro-hosted and US-hosted, the US side of things has been, and continues to be willing to let their hosting time go to other countries – they gave it to Japan for 2007, and now look to be giving it up to a possible other country.

    Of course, I'd love for the WBC to be hosted in Vancouver. It's a global destination, a definite coffee town, and I think it would be done well here. But outside of Vancouver, I'd like to see it in the following places:

    Sydney, Australia
    New Zealand (any major city)
    Rio or another major city in Brasil
    Panama City, Panama
    New Orleans, USA

  4. James Hoffmann

    I am pretty sure that Australia are up for it and I hope they submit a proposal, I just want to start some discussion on getting a producing country involved as a host.

    I think the USA is pretty much out from now on due to the massive Visa issues that it causes for so many competitors, plus the USBC is a big enough draw for the SCAA show that I am sure it doesn't need it (in a good way).

  5. Yara Castanho

    Brazil. We need to host a huge event like that to pay more attention at our baristas and specialty coffee.

  6. Jay C

    I just returned from Colombia’s Expo Especiales where the Tolima Comite in Ibague put on a great show. The show itself was on the smaller size but the events they stage surrounding the event were world-class. I think it would be great for the WBC to be held in a producing country.

    One of my biggest complaints with the WBC is that they’re either held in a city that’s lame (Atlanta) or wildly expensive (Tokyo, Copenhagen, London). Host cities that are affordable (and without the visa issues that the United States imposes) would be very exciting.

  7. Cindy Chang

    In response to Anthony. The event will be held in June 23-25, 2010 at Olympia. The show is in conjunction with the SCAE annual conference and expo and Caffe Culture (www.caffeculture.com). It’s still a little early to buy tickets but I would recommend looking in hotels as early as possible.

    WBC will have this info on our new website, due in a couple of weeks!

  8. clearfish

    I’d love to see the competition held in Ethiopia, “the legendary home of coffee” such a country of contrasts and somewhere I’d love to visit. I thing the many of the westernised countries the WBC has/will be held in are too obvious. We should celebrate the coffee producing countries of the world rather than “aren’t we clever coffee brewing” countries. I couldn’t comment on the pros and cons of a WBC in Ethiopia, but would be interested to hear everyone ideas.

  9. GrumpyTraveler

    I’m surprised it took a good 6 or more posts before someone suggested an African destination!

    My thought was South Africa, with a growing Single Origin / premium coffee culture, however Ethiopia, Kenya Tanzania or Rwanda would all have great arguments for hosting given their credentials as producers.
    All have some degree of established tourism industry, on greater or lesser levels, and all would be significantly enhanced by the exposure WBC would bring. As has been said, why not host in the ‘home’ of coffee?

  10. Kyle

    I think South Africa would be a great idea, unfortunately we lack effective growing regions in terms of speciality coffee. Kenya and Ethiopia are my dream destinations for the WBC. Kenya would most definately have the infrastructure to cope with such a coffee-centric event after hosting the African Barista Championship, as would the Ethiopian capital. It would allow for a serious transfer of knowledge from growers to cafe-culturists, and vice versa. Awesome!

    I say the WBC should take place on the African continent soon!

  11. Nana Holthaus-Vehse

    Hi all,
    no matter where it should take place, but I support the idea 100%. Time to strive the awareness around the WBC from the consuming to the producing countries. Good global citizenshipo, ethics and social responsibility just require this.

    Best regards,

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