A quick espresso survey


Brew recipes have been on my mind again recently, so I thought I’d post up this quick poll.  I’d love if it people could give me some data on this.  If enough people respond then I will post up the results, and any trends that occur.

A few quick things.  Please dial your espresso in to the point that you are happy.  It doesn’t need to be godshot territory, but something you’d serve to a customer or friend who you liked.

Secondly – please weigh things properly.  A lot of people speculate the weight of ground coffee they use, and very few people are accurate with it.  The more accurate the measurement the better.

Just to emphasize this because it is important – I need the weight of your shot not the volume.

Once you’ve weighed the shot feel free to drink it, to make sure it tasted good.

Here’s the poll:


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  2. Andrew Lopez

    so, i’m from bloom coffee in roseville, ca. we don’t have any set perameters for making espresso. each day the barista dials in to whatever taste best. keeping weight and time as the factors. on any given day we could be dialed in at 22grams and the next day be at 17. we don’t think its right to try to place strict requirements on what we do, but rather treat each coffee special and take each day with a grain of salt. there are way to many uncontrolable factors, such as ambiant air temp, humidity, ect. espresso is just another brew method and as such there is no set way to do things. we are constantly trying to push the limits of what we know and what we can do with our linea and super jollys. but the end result is always delishious coffee in the end. coffee is culinary and as such will always be changing and will always have a sense of unperdictablity and have to be flexible.

  3. James Hoffmann

    Hi Andrew

    I can’t argue with that – but this makes your input all the more interesting. If you could maybe weigh dose and shot weight on a few different days and either submit it, or mail it to me that would be amazing. It isn’t about finding a perfect recipe, just trying to understand a few things better.

  4. Skyler Tanner


    Since the poll isn’t loading, here are numbers from 2 separate shots I pulled (one from a double basket, one from a triple):

    Double: 19g in, 22g out, 23 second extraction
    Triple: 25g in, 23g out, 30 second extraction

    This is what I remembe

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