I gave a short presentation at the first London Gastronomy Seminars event, which was a small forum on the topic of extraction.  I learned a great deal from the other presenters – Tony Conigliaro from 69 Colbroke Row, wine writer Jamie Goode and chemist John Forbes from Treatt.

I might upload the presentation slides I used with notes at some point, but a little of what I spoke about is covered in a separate, and coincidentally written post on my other site here.

This first event was a precursor to a larger, public event that is planned.  I will post more details as soon as I have them, but if you are in London and interested in food and food science then it will be right up your street!

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  1. Mike

    I like the article…. Though I think I’m familiar with the content!

    This is an example I used a great deal less eloquently in a recent brewmaster class… I may be quoting you in the future…

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