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No, don’t worry – this isn’t yet another post on the tired subject of how good or bad coffee in Italy is.  It is two other things.

First off I plan on drinking some coffee in Italy in the next few days as tomorrow I fly to Milan, for the ridiculously large HOST show.  For those who don’t know HOST is a biennial coffee show in which lots of coffee companies, especially the Italian machine manufacturers produce enormous booths and people come in from all over the world for it.  It will be interesting to see how the recession affects things.  I shall have camera (and wide angle lens!) in tow.

I am going because Marco are launching the Uber Boiler at the show.  I’ve seen pictures, and it is more compact than my model and has some sweet new features but it isn’t my story to break.  I will be working the booth on Friday and Saturday and will have some tasty coffee of my own, but if you want to bring coffee down I will happily mess around and brew it – always up for tasting new stuff!

UPDATE – It seems I am a bit behind, Paul posted this to twitter yesterday – New Uber.

The other piece of Italian Coffee news is the launch of a new book from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters.  Despite the International bit they are firmly Italian, and are at the forefront of defining Italian Espresso in the face of other cultures taking it and doing many different things with it.  I am sure some of you already own one or two books from them.

The new book is a roasting one, you can read the index and first chapter by downloading this pdf, and you can order it here.  I haven’t been sent a copy, so have no affiliation a.  I only bring it up because books on roasting are rare.  Of the 120+ coffee books I own, maybe 4 or 5 are on roasting so I am happy to see another one join the fold.  It only seems to be available as a pdf right now, though I am sure it will go into print.  (Should anyone from the IIAC be reading this – feel free to comment!)

So – see you at HOST?

  1. All I seem to get sent is emails from PR people representing US brands telling me things I didn’t ask them too, in a very annoying way.  So many times I’ve nearly posted long rants about it, about permission marketing and about how bad marketing can be incredibly destructive, but perhaps it is for another time!  (back)

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  1. Mark

    I believe this institute is currently pursuing an EEC governance to trademark “italian espresso” and similar marks. That should be pretty interesting if they have that granted.

  2. yara

    its been around for a year already but should hit the market next week … if you google Dalla Corte DC Pro, you will find some images from Cologne and Copenhagen … lovely machine indeed!

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  4. Jonathan

    I just ordered the Italian Roasting Book PDF last night after reading this, but they haven’t emailed it to me yet which is a little disappointing. Has anyone else had troubles?

  5. Smith

    Good roasting books are hard to come by, this is most likely one I’m going to have to add to the collection once I read a few reviews first. 120 books is quite a collection!

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