Milan – Host – Uber Boiler

It has been a busy and long day.  I’ve learned a lot today and I will try and post a big round up of a bunch of things.  I am in Milan with Marco, working the Uber and I thought I’d make a little video for those who might be interested:

New Uber Boiler from James Hoffmann on Vimeo.

A short video about the new Uber Boiler launched at HOST in Milan this week

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  3. Ben E.

    Yes yes Uber project is cool yada yada, smaller footprint nice but duh really, knob also boring THE SCALE IS A DRIP TRAY?! Very very slick. Just when I was starting to get a bit bored of how great the Uber boiler is you pull something like this on me!

  4. elle

    I too was also totally impressed by the scale/drip tray duo. I want to see how it empties — straight into a drain? Does it need to be attended to? I’m guessing the former, because I can’t see why it’d be built into the countertop (other than further slickness).

  5. dsc

    would be nice to see some kind of a spray nozzle (removable perhaps) so that you can easily brew drip.

  6. James Hoffmann

    This is very true. As part of the project we are looking at spray heads and will be running some experiments on distribution of water, rate of flow and the effects (and minimization of) heat loss.

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