First London Gastronomy Seminar

This week the website went live for the London Gastronomy Seminars (The Facebook group is here).  The first seminar now has tickets for sale, and I for one am very excited to see Herve This talk.  There aren’t a huge number of tickets so if you are interested I recommend picking one up early.

The idea behind the seminars is to explore and enjoy the science of food.  Some people find that science, that understanding, can take the joy out of things but I for one find beauty and fascination in unweaving the rainbow.  I don’t think any of food’s delight and enjoyment is lost if we understand the mechanics of our recipes better.  Especially if, through that understanding, we can improve the recipe!

Having heard both Tony and John speak at our first forum I really look forward to seeing them present again.  (I also really need to get to Tony’s bar  – 69 Colbrooke Row.

I will probably post more about this soon, I am somewhat wrecked after a week of rebuilding the roastery and building out a new training room (and, you know, running a roastery!)

For those of you in London or nearby, I hope to see you there!

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  1. Cortaflex

    Yup, couldn’t agree more. And I’d like to add that you’ve got a great colour scheme on your site, I suffer with colour blindness and many webmasters don’t give us a second thought!

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