London Coffee Jobs website

Today I created a simple website with a simple goal:

Connect quality focused cafes/coffee roasters/coffee suppliers with potential staff.

I get a lot of emails, and meet a lot of people looking for barista jobs in London, and I know shops are always looking but I forget to keep track of exactly who.  The idea of the site is very simple – shops can easily create a listing for a range of positions and hopefully we can drive people towards it who are looking for jobs.

There is the potential to monetize it but I’d rather it worked, so at some point I might put on a small posting fee to cover the cost of the website.  If there is sufficient demand I might open it up to outside of London, to maybe the whole of the UK.  Thoughts on this are welcome?  In order for it to be useful then it needs people to know about it and use it.  I’d really appreciate people’s support on this one.

London Coffee Jobs

I know I am technically biased when it comes to coffee in London but the site is completely neutral and open to anyone, I won’t be moderating/editing unless there is some genuine misuse/spam.

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  1. Brett

    Might want to encourage some more detail in the job descriptions so potential applicants can get some more idea about what they are looking at, wastes less of everyones time.

  2. tom

    Super nice James !!

    I always get asked where best to find/get good coffee people … specially now in I’m in London… will point folk here now..

    thanks man,


  3. Furlow

    Great idea, but pleases open it up to the rest of the country, I’m looking for a job as a barista in the west suffolk/ east cambridge area. Found a position at one shop but it was full time, I’m a student and only want a saturday job, maby I’m lazy and also nervous to ask, but if I could just look on a site it would be good. Would be great if you can get this publicised, maby a facebook group would help??? Maby the SCAE UK could send a letter/email out to all of their members? would be a quick and easy way of getting the website out to shops.

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