Great new coffee brewing website

A rather splendid new website launched today, and I think it is a great idea and potentially very, very useful for us all.

It is called Brew Methods and I strongly suggest you visit, bookmark and begin sending the link to everyone you know.

You can read more about it by its creators on cleanhotdry, but the premise is simple – a single place online you can send anyone who wants to know more about brewing coffee, and there they will find links to various different tutorials, write-ups and videos.

There is also a submission form so you can help increase the amount of knowledge aggregated there.


11 Comments Great new coffee brewing website

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  2. Devin

    A lot of people talk about pre-heating cups, mugs, et al. When I brew, the coffee is always too hot. I don’t pre-heat my equipment, mainly to aid in the cool down so I can drink it sooner.

    Any comments on pre-heating versus not?

  3. Brett

    Depends on the brewing method, espresso due to its small volume I would. Something like french press I wouldn’t for the reason you mentioned.

  4. Jonathan Meadows

    I think the brew methods site is an amazing idea! However, I’m a bit concerned with certain links that take you to brew methods by which they suggest measuring the coffee…

  5. jeff verellen

    Isn’t it so that if you don’t use heated cups in aeropress/french press/filter coffee that the result in the cup is more acidic?
    An extreme example that I made:
    It seemed a good idea but Rob warned me that it would be too acidic, it was, but corrected with some sugar syrup not a bad cup.

    again the thought in my mind is: why heat the brew at all at such a temperature, the result using the same method as in the little movie above BUT at body temperature was different, but better, no need for sugar.

  6. Stephen

    Just found your blog through coffeegeek, and am quite excited to continue following. As for this post it is always interesting to learn about the dynamics of the brewing process!

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