How much coffee do you drink?

How much coffee do you drink?

As I mentioned in a previous post – I get asked this question quite a lot.  So for the month of January I logged every cup of coffee I drank, using a splendid website called Daytum.

So – how many coffees? In January I drank 126 cups, so on average a daily consumption of 4. a

Below is a quick breakdown of my consumption, as well as an explanation of what was logged, and what wasn’t.

What counts as a cup?  With brewed coffee this is usually a 6-8oz cup.  With cappuccinos they were usually single shot, 5oz drinks.  Flat whites b were double shots.

I didn’t log any coffee I drank as part of a training or when tasting to dial in a grind setting.  I didn’t include coffees I cupped, or brewed little tasters off rather than drank a cup of.  These were coffees I drank all of because I wanted coffee.

Daily consumption:

You can sort of see the dip at weekends here, though Sundays can often turn into very caffeinated days as I live so close to so much good coffee!  The 27th was the record day with 8 cups.

Let’s break down the total consumption into individual drinks.  I probably should have logged any brewed coffee as just “brewed” rather than the farm, but for various reasons I didn’t.  All espressos, regardless of blend, are logged as a group.

So – I drank a lot of espresso.  In fact, despite how much I moan about it, 51.6% of the coffees I drink are espresso.  Which seems quite high, but probably not unusual in the coffee community.

I’m actually a little disappointed in myself that brewed coffee only made up about 22% of my coffee consumption.

Here are a quick breakdown of my espresso based drinks and brewed coffees:

I hope I can keep tracking it for the rest of the year – though it is easy to forget.  Thankfully it is easy to post to daytum from my phone, or via twitter as well as through the web interface.  I am recording enough data so I can then break down my consumption into different countries throughout the year and other stuff, which might be interesting.

I guess this probably seems quite low – as daily consumption goes – but I found it interesting nonetheless!  If anyone has any questions then do let me know!

  1. Well, 4.06 on average, but 4 is neater I suppose!  (back)
  2. sick as those of us in the UK may be of them  (back)

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  1. Glenn Watson

    Didn’t realise you could post to Daytum from Twitter.
    Will have to look that up.

    Wouldn’t have guessed that you drank so many Cappuccinos

    Will be interesting to see the quarterly and yearly updates too.

  2. Klaus Thomsen

    Man, I would love to see how much I drink. I just know I’m too lazy to log every coffee I drink. I suspect it’s quite similar to your consumption. The tricky thing with espressos and cappuccinos is that you sort of just have one without thinking too much about it – for me either in our coffee shop or at one of our wholesale customers – whereas with brewed (aeropress, filter or french press) I tend to take more time to enjoy it and think about what I’m tasting. So those cups I remember to count where the espressos and capps I probably forget.
    Looking forward to see if your consumptions changes now you realise how much espresso you’re actually drinking ;)

  3. Espressosquirrel

    When you made an espresso using 4 espressos instead of water in the mypresso thingy do you count that as 1 or 5????

  4. James Hoffmann

    That didn’t count cos it was just a sip. It probably would have counted for the full 6 had I finished it!

  5. James Hoffmann

    I think the high espresso count comes from having coffee at wholesale accounts. I had worried that my habits would change because I was observing them, but most of the time I’d forget about it til I sat down at the laptop and saw daytum on my speed dial on chrome.

    I must, however, drink more brewed coffee!

  6. James Hoffmann

    Every day at SqM starts with one of us making capps for everyone, then usually a cheeky espresso and then on to work. As long as they are small I love a good cappuccino.

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  8. Kupe Ovics

    Perhaps this is a tired topic, but I find it interesting that you only use one shot in your cappuccinos. I’ve only recently learned about flat whites, and while I thought I had been making wet cappuccinos in my 5 oz cups, I suppose what I was making was actually more like a flat white. I guess what I’m asking is why there is so much variation in the preparation of even the standard Italian cappuccino. For instance, this article I read recently says that cappuccinos should always have two shots:

    I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re as close as possible to keeping the coffee, foam, and milk in 1/3 ratios?

  9. Zane Mattisson

    Even though I don’t consciously count how many I have a day (probably around 3 to 4 during the week), I end up using a different reminder – my girlfriend can tell when I’ve had too much (as if there is such a thing) and reminds me to drink more water. She uses the usual symptoms of caffeine intake and by asking me I find that I then recall and remember how many I’ve had.

  10. George

    I really don’t want to take this off topic – but just a quick reply to set the record straight. Kupe – I wrote that article 2 years ago, and the part about capps always needing 2 shots was more of a joke/personal thought, which I don’t hold anymore. It is/was by no means authoritative or correct. I should probably change it to be honest…

    In response to your thought that your consumption is low, it’s funny because I thought it was pretty high considering you didn’t include cuppings/minor tastings. Not that I’ve counted my own, mind you.

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  12. Arthur Cundy

    Just like what Klaus said, I don’t really put that much attention to how much coffee I drink but I take note of the types of coffee that I have tried. For me, coffee is always a good thing to enjoy and always keeps me going

  13. Sir Nicholas

    Ref: “ I live so close to so much good coffee!” – On drinking coffee out and about what are your thoughts on receiving poor brews/shots? I’m never sure how to respond and what is perhaps good etiquette. I guess the problem heightens when people are preparing coffee that you have roasted?

  14. Billy.411

    Thats quite a tally you racked up there dear James…
    I’m still drinking TOO much – so my lovely wife tells me – but nowhere near as much as when I was a barista. I know what you mean when you said, “Sundays can often turn into very caffeinated days as I live so close to so much good coffee!” Living in the city, working in a café, the coffee count certainly climbs skyward… And that’s not to mention the caffeine content leaching through your skin as a barista!
    Must try recording my drinks for a bit…

  15. Furlow

    My coffee drinking amount steadly climbed up as I opened up a little 6th form cafe. I don’t really drink much coffee at home, accept on sundays. Studying & Homework helps to keep my sundays from going up. But I would say I’m less of drinker than you, I probably drink about 1 a day now, it seamed to have been creeping up to 3 day but I’m making sure I don’t need the stuff to live, I do drink it for the flavour, but I don’t want withdrawal symptoms!

  16. Frank

    Very interesting, for me it’s normally around 10 total a day, 5 before noon, 3 on the afternoon and 2 in the evening. Espresso isn’t my cup of coffee (yay, what a joke), I prefer the regular lungo.

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