Return of the Uber

For a while all has been quiet on the Uber front.  We shuffled some stuff around at the roastery, and as part of it we chose not to cut the old Uber into the new worktops as we planned to upgrade – the new Uber having a different (smaller) cutout.

The new Uber arrived today and I am very excited.  This probably could have been a post for the Square Mile Blog, but there are many more exciting/important things to post on there!

What’s different about this Uber?  The capacity is bigger.  We sometimes used the old one for cupping, but it had more of a cafe use/quick recovery capacity so couldn’t do many bowls.  This one has a 6 litre boiler – very exciting!  This one has a flow control dial, instead of an button control.  It also has some beta software for us to test out.

I missed the Uber when it was gone.  My brewed coffee consumption dropped (a bad thing).   My experimentation also dropped off a little (also a bad thing).  I hope to get that going again.  I also grew irrationally annoyed with kettles (a weird thing?).

Before anyone accuses me of spam (perhaps fairly) I should make clear that we don’t make any money from the sale of Uber boilers, though yes – they are now available for sale.  It is just a project that we’re really excited about and it has been, and will be, a great tool for exploring coffee.  We’re extremely grateful to Marco – they are splendid!

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  1. Tom Jagiello

    kettles are annoying, agreed. Nice to see this being pretty much finished, I like the looks and it seems to be properly engineered. Hopefully this will somehow boost the sales of brewed/pour over coffee.


  2. John

    I’m curious– have you done a taste comparison with the Uber vs. fresh drawn water that was then boiled in a kettle? I have experienced that kettles are far better than traditional hot water towers, but I have not been able to get my hands on an Uber as of yet.

  3. David Walsh

    As much as I digged the geekiness of the analog temperature control, the target temp set is a huge step forward. Loving the slim profile too.

  4. Rob Smyth

    Got to play with the new Uber a couple weeks back on the Brewmaster course. A joy to use and produced some very clean brews with the chemex. The new slim line profile was very slick, could easily see one of these slotting into a cafe.

    Hours of fun ahead James, look forward to hearing all about your experiments with the new Uber. Enjoy!

  5. Anonymous Coward

    So the Ãœber Boiler is available for purchase, but still Marco seems intent on not making its retail price public. What’s the big secret?

  6. Jasper

    Since this the first time i see the price, and cant seem to find it on Marco’s site, at least call it a small secret? Is 3900 for the uber barista or the uber cupper?

  7. Walter

    I think it’s a great idea to display both temperatures, is that part of the beta software? Makes me think about firmware upgrades…

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