London Gastronomy – Cheese

I love cheese. Everyone loves cheese.  I don’t really, despite trying, really understand cheese.

Before I type cheese too many times I want to let people know that the next London Gastronomy Seminar is coming up and I am really quite excited about it.  There are more details here.

On a side note – Neal’s Yard Dairy are a company that I have a huge amount of respect for, not just because of the quality of their product but because they do such a great job of communicating it in their shop, and ultimately they are incredibly good at selling it.

There is lots to be learned here.  I hope to see you there!

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  1. John

    I’ve an English friend visiting at the moment and she brought some cheese with her. It was a Wensleydale cheese which I had heard off before but never tried. This one had dried apricots in it and it was absolutely wonderful. So good we couldn’t stop and had to eat the whole lot.

  2. Hugo

    I look forward to you post about cheddar… my favourite cheddar isn’t a cheddar at all but most people would call it cheddar, ‘cos it’s cheddared. Oops, typing cheddar too much….It’s the unforgettably punchy Lincolnshire Poacher… try it, I recon you’ll love it a little too much.

  3. Peter

    I used to work at a beautiful cheese shop in Western MA, which was attached to a great coffee shop. One of our main benefits was free coffee throughout the day, so naturally as I set up the store in the mornings, tasting cheeses as I wrapped and prepared the displays, I had espresso aplenty on hand. It made me really come to love the combination of cheese and coffee – do you have any particular favorite pairings for the two? I

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