UK Coffee Week

I know it is a little way off but I wanted to write something about the upcoming UK Coffee Week.  You can get a good idea of who is behind it, what the goals are, and what the first project is from the website.

I am involved as a trustee of the Allegra Foundation, and the roastery will be promoting it.  I should add that I’m a big fan of the way that the Foundation is currently funded – administrative costs come from seed funds, so none of the donations raised are spent on anything other than charitable work.

It is hard not to be excited by what is possible if 5p per cup of coffee sold for a week went to charity.  I hope people see the involvement of bigger companies as a positive thing in this context, and that they don’t allow this to put them off.  I strongly encourage people to get involved as I think this has great potential to do amazing things!

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