Coffee with Tim Wendelboe (book)

While at Caffe Culture/WBC Tim Wendelboe very kindly gave me a copy of his book that has just been translated from Norwegian to English. a


It is a great book – interesting, concise, informative and full of beautiful photos.  (not least those of Tim himself….)

This isn’t just a book for the completist/coffee collector (though I am probably one of those people.).  I think this would be a great book to give to someone who is just starting their journey/interest in coffee.  It is approachable, useful and would compel further interest.  Plus something in his very Norwegian dismissal of both Kopi Luwak and the “quality robusta vs bad arabica” debate make me laugh (in a good way).

The book covers coffee growing, roasting, brewing with rich detail on all in between.

The book starts to ship tomorrow (12th July 2010) and I suggest you pick up a copy.

Coffee with Tim Wendelboe – 350kr

  1. In terms of full disclosure – I didn’t pay for this book, and Tim is a friend.  That doesn’t mean this isn’t a great book though!  (back)

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  2. Tim Varney

    Brett, you are right.

    We will not be shipping coffee worldwide – just the book. We have had too many problems with customs in other countries and would rather not send mediocre, travel damaged coffee.

    It is terribly annoying for us, as we want to share the love!

  3. Adriano matteoni


    After setting up several great coffee bars in Sydney, australia, I am coming back to my home town of Glasgow and need contacts for the following, a good bloody roaster, synesso and bnz grinders. I have used the synesso and bnz always and im not really interested in using anything else. The beans are going to be a bit of an issue, do you know of anyone roasting great coffee in Scotland or for that anyone in London that has a proven transportation set up delivering to Glasgow?

    I will be there around Xmas time.

    Cheers, adri.

  4. thompson

    I only have one question. The cover, wow. Is there really coffee in that cup? Oh, and do they grow coffee in Norway? That was my other question.

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