GCQRI Day Two – Identifying Research Projects

I think a lot of people came to this event brimming with ideas for research into coffee cup quality. This part of the day was something of a data dump from the group. There were several sections that we all got to visit to just throw ideas out: Genetics, Agronomy, Processing, Storage, Roast/Grind/Brew & Miscellaneous.

As you can imagine – 60 people can generate massive amounts of ideas. I should add that this is about source material, about ideas – not about strictly defining projects, there is no guarantee any one of these will get researched. To get an idea of the priorities in the room we each got to vote for three different ideas or areas. This was polling to get an idea of where we are aligned – not to vote on what will actually get researched.

Processing alone could get all of my votes – understanding fermentation, tank shape impact, depth of beds in drying, drying speed and water activity and cup quality and even research into uses for waste water. And I haven’t even touched naturals or pulped naturals!

I don’t want to list out every single idea – it wouldn’t be productive, and it wouldn’t be fun (for me). If you can imagine it then it probably popped up!

The categories that initially generated strong preference were:

– Standardized sensory metrics & protocols (Deserves its own post – essentially “what is quality”?)
– Wet Milling systems (a bit general….),
– a complete review of current literature,
– climate determinates of quality characteristics,
– storage conditions and quality,
– identification of biometrics in relations to cup quality characteristics

There were lots more, and I hope I can find a way to share some more of the ideas. The mood in the room was a little odd considering the building (Rudder Tower) was on lockdown after the apparent sighting of a suspect with an AK-47 in the vicinity. An odd afternoon…

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    Genes isolated from the body are chemicals that are different from those found in the body’ and therefore are eligible for patents. How does this aspect concern coffee?

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