Coffeeland Honduras

I know this has been posted in a few places already, but I wanted to post it too. The guys over at Safehouse coffee, who you may well know through Dirty Cup, have a project that I think deserves support.

There is more information to be found here:

There are a lack of good documentaries on coffee, certainly ones covering aspects important to speciality coffee. I think these guys will do an amazing job. Watch the video, then maybe throw in a few bucks!

On a related note, there is a video of me ranting away about customer service and that kind of thing, recorded for Dirty Cup here:

It was recorded when I was in Texas for the GCQRI stuff. Any comments then let me know!

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  2. Varady Tibor

    I loved that video and it directly and immediately influenced my cleanness level at the bar. On the service part I think my challenge is to see when I am “too much”, but I certainly don’t have a problem running around refilling water glasses with varneyesque eye-contact…

  3. Brett - Moto Coffee

    Another game changer for me James, you keep making this job harder for me and I thank you for it!


  4. Rasmus

    Fantastic inspiration, I love your blogs and videos and this has got to be my favourite one yet! A lot of the things you say make so much sense and you feel that you kind of knew them in the back of your head before but in this video you compile them in such a way that it becomes so direct and spot on.
    Fantastic speech, I am so inspired I just can’t hide it!!!


  5. MichaelB

    Love love love your comments on service. I have always believed that coffee should be an experience. I’ve noticed a trend at some of what i consider third wave coffee shops near me. And that trend is “coffee with an attitude.” If you don’t prove yourself a knowledgeable connoisseur, you get the snub. Really fires me up, because they have then lost their opportunity to educate. And these shops are now gaining a reputation for being rude and their business is suffering. I’ve been afraid that it might be a trend they picked up in other areas. I hope not. It all STARTS with service, then image like you said…cleanliness, etc..

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