London Coffee Jobs Site update

About a year ago I registered a domain and set up a simple website called London Coffee Jobs. The idea was pretty simple – create a focused site that would help connect baristas and cafes in London. I knew (from my inbox) that they were looking for each other and struggling.

It quietly ran away in the background, and though it was set up to charge per job I let people post for free to see if it had value.

It seems it does! I’ve had some great feedback from people, and it certainly seems to be very useful. It has certainly had more traffic than I expected. Those curious can click here for the last month. However, after a year I’m not really willing to run it out of my own pocket any more. I’ve decided to add a very small fee for posting jobs – £3 for 30 days and £4 for 60 days, and for a little while more I will be running a 7 days listing there for free to help make sure we’re bug free! Should it somehow turn a profit then I will spend it on improving the site and design.

I’ve also updated the theme and it has some new features. Posting and managing jobs should be much easier. The jobs posted in the last month will run for around 30 days after posting and then disappear. The previous incarnation had a few quirks and bugs, and I will try and iron new ones out asap.

New posts will be formatted properly, and will look much better. I couldn’t easily transfer the old listings. Categories aren’t working properly for old listings either. (Sorry!) New jobs shouldn’t have that problem.

Finally – I’ve created a twitter account that will tweet new jobs: @ldncoffeejobs

Hopefully this continues to be a useful service and any feedback appreciated!

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  2. Howard

    I am one to have benefitted from the website. I had not realised that it was administered and funded by you directly, so thank you for your efforts James!

  3. Daniel McDonnell

    I’ve been thinking about a paid model for as well. The motive behind the site was for roasters and buyers to have a complete picture of the market, sorted by country of origin, price and availability.

    Monitoring over a hundred coffees constantly without help, became a heavy stone to push forward, but if anyone have a great idea of how it can keep rolling, suggestions are welcome.

    By the way, London Coffee Jobs is a great site.

  4. Majog

    London Coffee Jobs makes looking for Barista work kind of creepy – everyone knows what jobs there are available at all times! Nevertheless, I’ve found it very useful.

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