Episode One – Stephen Morrissey

I’ve decided to start a little podcast.  Be kind, it is my first venture into such things… The idea is, as I explain, pretty simple – call up a coffee person and talk about coffee stuff for a little while.

I promise a few things for subsequent shows – they will be a little shorter (the first is a touch over 40 minutes) and that I will get the audio quality up.  By making the format quite simple I’m hoping that I should be able to produce them fairly easily so there may well end up being more than one and I’ll obviously work to make them better each time too! a

In this episode:  We talk about TED, Coffee Common and some of the ideas behind it.  We also talk about WBC judging, as well as thoughts on why people win barista competitions.  Other stuff too!

Note:  In the conversation Stephen mentions a website – the url for it has changed and can now be found at Coffee Common.

So, here it is – thoughts are welcome, questions and suggestions and all that stuff.  I hope you enjoy it.

UPDATE:  The podcast feed can be found here.

  1. As soon as it is up in iTunes I will let people know.  If that doesn’t happen before the next episode then I’ll post the RSS for the podcast as a temporary fix  (back)

25 Comments Episode One – Stephen Morrissey

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  2. Jay C.

    I’m about to jump a plane back to the United States from El Salvador so I’m downloading this as I’m writing for entertainment on the flight back (after new episodes How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Castle and the movie No Strings Attached) – and I hate to be the naysayer of the group (again) but…

    Aren’t both Square Mile and Intelligentsia part of this Coffee Common thing? So, objective podcast or subdued advertising?

  3. James Hoffmann

    Interesting question…. I think I wanted to talk about Coffee Common because I think the idea behind what a disparate (geographically as well as from an employment point of view) group of people are planning to do there is very interesting and is worth talking about.
    Yes we’re sending some coffee, but – as Stephen says – it isn’t really about trying to turn anyone there into a customer.

    I hope to talk to various different people about their businesses, because they are interesting. I technically run a zero advertising policy in the comments here – but one has to decide where to draw the line. Should I delete or moderate every comment where you mention what you do at Spro? It could easily be seen as you advertising your business, rather than talking about an interesting subject.

    Because I think it is interesting, and a very good idea, I am happy to promote Coffee Common. A lot of people have worked hard and I think there could be some very exciting results coming out of it.

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  5. Al Soto

    Here is a question that this podcast brought up in my mind. . . Is it right for people like Stephen to be judging at the WBC or USBC when he is so involved with Inteli or training other competitors? That seems to be to be a clear case of conflict of interest.

  6. James Hoffmann

    I think it is not only right, but essential. He has a wealth of experience that many baristas would benefit massively from.

    Everyone has conflicts. In USBC or WBC everyone is aware of everyone else’s conflicts. You’ll never judge anyone with whom you have a direct conflict so there is little opportunity to abuse the system. Any attempts would be obvious and your judging days would be over.

  7. Dave Baldwin

    Hey Stephen,
    I didn’t know what to expect when you wrote about being easy on you. The podcast was awesome. Thanks so much. Really learned a lot. Can’t wait till you are up and running on ITunes!
    Dave Baldwin

  8. Mike Khan

    Very interesting…Thank you.
    However, please remember that there are many many people who make a living from or have a passion for coffee who never were and never will be baristas. I certainly think that some of the other competitions recognise that, but competition is not the only way to raise standards and awareness of speciality coffee.

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