Sponsorship and the podcast

I’ve written before about how, despite temptations, I’ve always wanted to keep this blog ad free. No google adwords, no sponsored ads. It is a personal website charting my own learning, and a place to share that. That isn’t going to change any time soon.

However, the podcast is another expense – if you want to do it properly – and the frightening number of downloads a mean that it is worth using a paid service. So I have a decision to make – do I try to get some sponsorship on board?

If it happened I would make sure it happened in a way that wouldn’t make me incredibly annoyed as a listener but I am curious about people’s opinions. If you’d be happy to click something on the poll below I’d be grateful. I don’t usually put decisions like this out there – but I feel it is ok to ask in this situation.

I am aware that no one has expressed any interest in sponsoring it, and me wanting it doesn’t mean I’d get it….

How do you feel about sponsorship of the podcast?

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Edit: If you are interested in sponsoring then drop a line to “sponsor@” at the above domain name.

  1. It has already chewed through well over 1TB of data/bandwidth  (back)

19 Comments Sponsorship and the podcast

  1. Mark Wilson

    I don’t mind sponsership as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the content of the podcast or takes over the agenda of the podcast itself/

  2. Ben Silverston

    I am really enjoying the podcasts. If sponsorship of 1 minute for a 30-35 minute podcast made them more sustainable from your perspective, I would really not have any issue at all.

  3. chang yu

    I am willing to do anything, to listen to your podcast, they are that good. Whatever allows you to keep posting these podcasts, I am all for it. Keep up the great work.

  4. Aaronstanleywood

    You could work out an average cost per download after the first five and make this information available so as listeners we can donate what we feel, to cover costs. Any excess to coffeekids?

  5. Levi Syck

    Sponsorship would be fine, especially if it featured some interesting companies. I would also be more than happy to donate/pay per episode.

  6. Jay C.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with sponsorship (or, in NPR parlance: underwriting) as long as the character and integrity of the show are not compromised by the sponsorship. This takes total commitment on the part of the podcast producers and talent, as well as its sponsors.

    For the most part, I think that NPR (national public radio) stations do a good job balancing content with sponsor mentions. It might be good exercise, if you’re not already familiar, to give a listen to NPR broadcasts (most can be downloaded as a podcast now) to get a feel how they handle the question.

  7. Andrew

    Personally, I’d be interested in seeing what kind of companies James Hoffmann would be willing to share air-time with…. I somehow suspect you’d be a ‘little’ picky… :)

  8. @clearfishcoffee

    I’d be happy to pay to subscribe to the pod casts as the quality and value is exceptional. I think advertising would be a tricky one as you are king of discussion and champion of quality coffee. If the advertising was for different coffee companies; hasbean, James gourmet, square mile, and ideally non UK companies who deliver worldwide I think this would be seen as another service. Promoting excellent coffee as you normally do.
    The pod casts are excellent, all of them, and I appreciate your 30min policy but they do always leave me wishing I could hear more.
    I’d love to hear more questions from your guests to you as with Michael Phillips.

  9. Al S.

    “This is James Hoffmann, with two n’s, coming to you live about all things coffee, BUT FIRST, let me tell you how much I like ****** syrup and how great it is in my cup of Ethiopian Harrar. . .”

    I am looking forward to it :)


    PS. I did vote yes, I am a big fan of the free market system!

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