Do you want to sponsor the podcast?

The response to the last poll seems pretty favourable, so I am now officially looking for sponsorship. I am fickle about this stuff as a listener so I promise to make this as sympathetic as possible.

I should make clear that I’m not out to gouge or be cheeky with this – this isn’t how I want to make a living! If you are reading this and curious then drop an email to sponsor@ this domain name (always hard to hide email address from the evils of the web….). I will respond with a bit of info on the whole deal.

I’m going to look very silly if no one is interested!

9 Comments Do you want to sponsor the podcast?

  1. Jason

    hey Jimmy I would love to sponsor your blog. You know your stuff. Global Coffee… Email me jasonATcoffeecupnewsDOTorg from USA

  2. Colin Newell

    As the editor/creator of coffeecrew DOT com, I have over 10 years dealing with ad sponsors, banners and link placement for the purposes of making some coin in a coffee themed website – It is a double edged sword indeed. It has afforded me the freedom to do stuff, go places, and buy things for the website – the downside is that you have new masters that you have to please. Occasionally you will get a sponsor that is entirely hands off and lets you do your thing – If you plan this out in a cautious fashion, you will find your best fit and your already excellent blog will thrive. Best of luck,
    Colin Newell in Canada

  3. Horter

    That’s great news, recording etc is very time consuming and I am certain there are many of us that are thankful for your efforts.Please keep the posts going, they are very informative
    and interesting.

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