Doing your coffee research

I think it is fair to say that the coffee industry shows an interest in the science of coffee. Up until this point most of this science has been more relavant to commodity coffee, and its challenges, than it has to do with quality.

It seems a lot of baristas, roasters and others in speciality coffee are looking to do research too. I’m posting this to ask where they are looking and how they are going about it.

Most don’t have access to published papers, and there isn’t a great deal of stuff online – everyone finds pretty quickly but I think coffee has probably moved faster than that particular website has. ASIC is certainly a valuable resource, but perhaps inaccessible to those without a science background.

In their hunt for knowledge, I’m wondering how many people have grabbed the literature review published by the GCQRI, or have grabbed any of the resources on their site. What are people looking for? Bearing in mind there are no easy answers – are we just talking about wanting to do more research, and learn more about coffee rather than having a specific plan of action or a goal to our learning?

In the future there will be more information to share, mostly from the GCQRI, and I think it would be beneficial to understand how people do their research (honestly), to make sure information ends up in the right place. I’m not trying to catch people out here, I certainly spent a long time putting phrases into google and hopefully hunting through the mixture of garbage and occasional information nuggets it produced. I didn’t know a better way.

What about you?

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  1. London Accountant

    (Probably wrongly) I consider “research” just typing something into Google and seeing what comes up. In my mind there is an ideal of sorts to aspire to in terms of “research”, namely, looking through research papers and articles. However, I wouldn’t know where to find these – and if I did find them, they’d be pay-to-view. Limiting. Finally, if I managed to get my hands on a paper, I wouldn’t know whether it was properly peer-reviewed, what information was statistically significant, or how to extract what WAS significant for my own benefit.  

  2. Danjakuhn

    Hi Matias, please send a copy of the paper to danjakuhn Much appreciated! :)

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