Coffees of 2011

Last year I saw the collection of coffee bags from 2010 saved by Mat Honan and then Mike White, and thought it would be fun to have a go at collecting everything we taste at work for a year. I’ve seen a couple of people post their 2011 collection this year – Mike White again, and Brian at DCILY.

I mostly succeeded at remembering to keep the bags, though looking through there were about 20-30 bags that didn’t make it and must have been thrown away – which is a bit annoying.

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There are 183 bags here (to save anyone from counting), and I think (or at least hope) that many other roasteries would have a similar collection if they tried. To taste other people’s coffees is great for setting benchmarks, great for inspiration (even if that inspiration is often rooted in jealousy, as mine often is) and great for palate development. Also it’s fun. If I think that when you add on all the samples and production roasts we’ve cupped this year, and the coffees drunk in various cafes and other roasteries – we’ve tasted a lot of different coffee. (But not enough…)

What blows my mind is that each one of these tasted different. Very different. There is such diversity in coffee, and this was a great way to appreciate it.

I should add that most of these were gifts. Thank you to everyone who gave us coffee – it is very much appreciated.

Anyway – here is the big photo. Sorry everything isn’t in focus. I tried a few different things to get a good shot where you could see every bag properly, but I’m sad to say I mostly failed. a Also – I’m not going to rank them. Mostly because my taste memory isn’t very good, and I wasn’t taking notes.

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  1. I’m not going to list all the coffees, nor am I going to upload the photo to flickr and tag them all like Mat Honan did – sorry.  (back)
  2. If you want to see the whole thing then right click and open in a new tab  (back)

10 Comments Coffees of 2011

  1. James Hoffmann

    I am! Thanks Steve – I am actually a little embarrassed and how many bags of your coffee we didn’t save because I know we’ve drunk way more than what is up there.
    I will do better next year!

  2. David Evans

    Cool project!  I definitely need more space for the ‘roastery’  Can barely keep track of receipts and invoices let alone cool bags (and sacks) from afar.  Happy New Year.

  3. David Smith

    Awesome to see you back. Also, good to see some Australian roasted coffees in your mix there.

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  5. Al S.

    Hmm, one thing I learned.  Switch to red coffee bags.  They really do stand out in this picture.

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