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An interesting post over at Josh Brain’s blog, titled “Further Reading“, asking about non-coffee books that people would find interesting, useful and relevant to what we do.

Over Christmas it occurred to me that there is a lack of exchange regarding what baristi, roasters, chefs, home brewers etc are reading outside of the coffee world.  Besides the likes of the Rao books, the Illy book,  the offer by Tim Wendelboe and  the evergreen Schomer didactic, there is a wider field of reference we can call upon and share the fruits of our labour.

I want to highlight this blog because I’d love to see more people answer the question he poses:

The idea I have here is for everyone to cite two books which they feel is applicable, relevant and supplementary to the coffee world, which may not be limited to the primary coffee sources outlined above.

I’ll be picking up the two books he recommends (though probably waiting for the paperback edition of the first, or the kindle edition should publishers ever work out their nonsense over pricing….).

If you’ve got something to contribute then head on over to his blog and leave a comment.

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  1. stuart ritson

    Just read a report in Science News from 2005 that states that mice with an underdeveloped range of experiences of smell can’t differ between different smells very well. Sounds simple, but if you think about it, one of the key was to improve your palate is obviously to expose oneself to a greater range of aroma and try and identify them within your own mind. This is something we probably forget to do in day to day life.

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