Identify this graph

A little bit of fun.  All you have to do is identify what this graph is charting out.  The x and y scales are linear.  It has something to do with coffee.  The first person to identify it will get a bag of tasty, tasty coffee sent to them from me.  Terms and conditions apply a

Also – please leave a comment to guess so other people can see. Submissions won’t be accepted via twitter etc.


Clearly I’ve made this too tough.  Here is the same graph with a little more information on the axes:

  1. Well – no one at Square Mile Coffee can enter nor frankly needs to – the prize wouldn’t be very interesting, nor can Ben Kaminsky.  (back)

53 Comments Identify this graph

  1. David Evans

    Sorry if I misunderstand, this is then the inverse of an s-curve on a profile sheet? And then at about 9:30 it begins to rise again?

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve been using live BT RoR graphing for about a year now. Looked familiar, forgot to factor the degrees C. Not sure how many roasters are graphing this but it sure gives a micro-look at a roast profile. With a more detailed graph you can even see the various amount of cracking highs and lows during 1st crack.

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