SCAA Instructor Development Program

A while ago I posted about barista training – and got some great responses.  This is an area that, as an industry, we’ve certainly got a long way go to achieve what we ought to do.

When I was down in New Zealand last year I was lucky enough to be able to attend the SCAA’s Instructor Development Program course that was being run there.  It was great to do a course that combined solid educational theory, but put together by people sympathetic to the specific challenges of coffee and barista training.  I cannot adequately describe how much I enjoyed it.  Barista training is still a part of my day to day work, and learning about how to train has been on my list of “stuff to do” for a while.

I feel much more capable in my capacity to create a training program, structure lesson plans and how to teach in a way that has direct, effective outcomes.

I’m pleased to announce that we (Square Mile) are going to help host the SCAA’s course in London.  The course is a single day and will be run twice on the 2nd of 3rd of March.  The venue isn’t yet confirmed but will be either in Central London or just out by the Roastery.

Tickets are available now.  Discounts are available for SCAA members, but the course is open to anyone:



UPDATE:  You need to register to use the SCAA website – this is like signing up for a forum, and not signing up for membership.  The fee is for the course only – not for membership.

To clarify – I/we do not profit from ticket sales.  We just wanted to see this program be available to those in the UK/Europe.

I believe this is the best $200 ($185 for SCAA members!) that you can spend on learning in coffee – especially if you do any sort of training as part of your profession. I suspect that this may appeal to people across Europe so I think places may fill up quickly.  I’d recommend moving fast if you’re tempted.