A polite request

I’ve drafted this post a few times, and unfortunately it has come out as being either rude, or patronising or a bit ranty.  This makes me pretty angry, but I don’t think it is fair to jump straight into being rude about it.  I’d like to avoid that and simply make a polite request to baristas.  This is not directed to any individual in particular, and I see it in every country I visit, in every barista competition I see online…

Please, please use the handles on cups.  Please don’t hold cups any other way. Holding the cup with your fingers around the rim is not professional.  It doesn’t help you pour latte art better, it is just a habit – it may take some breaking but it is worth the effort.  (I think pouring while holding the handle actually helps with symmetry).

I have big, fat, useless fingers and I don’t find handles a problem.  This is not an acceptable excuse.

So please – can we work to get rid of this habit?