David Schomer – Roasting for Espresso

David Schomer posted this on his blog today.  I thought about a more in depth response, but decided against it.  All I will say is this:  I have no problem with anyone having a preference against lighter roasts. I am fine with someone preferring more traditional components in an espresso blend.  I take no issue with someone maintaining a blend for over 20 years.  I’d hate a world of homogenous espresso, so I am glad lots of people have very different ideas of how they’d like to present coffees when roasting them for espresso, and brewing them as they wish.

I will state here that any lemony flavors in the final cup indicate a defective espresso coffee.  A persistent lemony flavor in the cup through a wide variety of extraction parameters means that the defect resides in the roast.

I’m very uncomfortable when people state that what they are doing is “right” and what other people are doing is “wrong”.  It fosters a homogenous and ultimately monotonous coffee experience for the customer, and I think it holds back those who are trying to experiment and progress.  We need to foster a culture where disagreement is ok, and considered healthy.

Enough of what I think – have a read and decide what you think for yourself.  ((On the plus side this post did make me want to write more about espresso QC protocols, and also more about roasting for espresso)

David Schomer – Roasting for Espresso

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  2. Joe D.

    I will simply say that we should first turn and check how baristas are pulling shots before we start to blame roasters for the flavor profile faults. Roasters work insanely hard to make coffee taste good. Although baristas may have perfect technique they may be forgetting what is most important, tasting their espresso when dialing in. I found myself at fault doing this 5 years ago when i started. My espresso was absolutely beautiful – LOOKING that was, it tasted well like nothing else out there.
    We must taste our espresso. Who doesn’t like sweet lemon drop candy juice, although i have had lemon war heads out there and that was not enjoyable by any means. Acidic-Forward espressos are wild and are harder to tame but when pulled properly they taste like nothing else in this world, its a beautiful artisanal drink. I feel as if someone just told Ferran Adria he was not a chef.

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