How to make coffee a viable career

I have just returned from this year’s Nordic Barista Cup in Copenhagen, and I have to say it was a great event.  I was honoured to be invited back to speak again, and I thought I’d post the video of the talk I gave.  It is about 30 minutes long with 20 minutes of Q&A afterwards.

I think I give sufficient disclaimers in the talk itself, and I hope it doesn’t come across as arrogant or patronising.  (In many ways it reflects where we are now trying to focus on improving as an employer. We have a long way to go.)

I hope you enjoy the video.  There were some really great talks at NBC this year and if I start picking favourites I will get into trouble, so I would suggest heading over to the NBC website to have a look through the great talks that are up there.  As I write this blog, not all the talks are up yet – but they should be within the next few days.